Ok, let’s be honest here. We’re all drinking more alcohol these days than normal. I usually have a drink or 2 during the week, girls happy hour, wine while cooking dinner, whatever. But these days, I’m literally eyeing the clock for an acceptable time to have a cocktail which I usually decide is around 4 or 5. Every. Day. Because we’re bored, we’re sad, we’re a little freaked out.

SO….You’re probably noticing your skin is more dehydrated, I know mine is. Alcohol can really dehydrate us and it shows on our faces.

There are several little tweeks you can make to your skincare regime to help combat this.

#1: Use an oil cleanser and/or creamy cleanser. I always recommend a double cleanse at night to remove all signs of spf and makeup and really prep the skin for the corrective products. I use PCA Daily Cleansing Oil first and really massage the skin with it. I love oil cleansers to pull all the yuck right off but also to nourish and hydrate the skin. This one leaves it feeling very hydrated and soft. For the second cleanse, instead of a foaming cleanser, use a creamy one. I use Meg 21 Moisturizing Cleanser. It contains their signature anti-aging ingredient Supplamine which helps break down toxic sugars, and leaves a yummy blanket of hydration on the skin after cleansing. These cleansers, while ridding the skin of debris and dissolving sebum, will help trap water in the skin by leaving a protective barrier on it.

#2: Change up your night time corrective. You’re most likely applying a retinol at night. You can skip a night or two if your skin is really dry, opt for a more gentle concentration of retinol or add a hydrating serum to it. I prefer to use Revision DEJ Night which is a .25% retinol combined with their DEJ moisturizer. I add a pump of Revision Hydrating serum to help bind water to the skin and plump it up.

#3: Add a thick barrier cream over your correctives at night. I absolutely love medical grade skincare products. They tend to have a more balanced pH for the skin to accept them, more active antioxidants and peptides etc. but there is absolutely nothing wrong with good ol’ Cetephil or Cereve’ moisturizing cream. Yup, the cheap one from the grocery store in the big ol’ tub! So many people in my industry, mostly aestheticians, will bash these products saying they are not good for the skin and can actually harm the skin. I completely disagree! You can’t expect them to change your skin, as they have very basic ingredients, but if you put your medical grade corrective product on first ( HA serum, Vit C, Retinol, etc.) they will not only seal that product in but help seal water in. Preventing water loss is the main focus here and is what will return skin to its hydrated, healthy self.

Give these tips a try. If you need further advice and skincare guidance through this crazy time, you can book a virtual consult online or by calling us!