What is Restorsea PRO?

Proprietary and patented technology fulfills essential skincare need by providing similar effects to retinols but with NO irritation.

Use PRO Intensive Treatment 10X either

  1.   in place of retinols or
  2.   to prepare patients’ skin for retinols.
  • Superior to glycolic acid in terms of reduction in the appearance of brown spots and better tolerated
    (source: JDD November 2015)
  • Reduces redness and flakiness caused by retinols
    (PRO Rebalancing Lotion)
  • Can be applied post-peel to reduce redness
    (source: JCAD October 2016).

All products are formulated with naturally-derived ingredients and contain NO: parabens, phthalates, silicone, PEGs or mineral oil. Restorsea has over 35 issued or patent-pending compositional patents for emulsion, non-emulsion and bi-phasic cosmetic formulations. Restorsea has the 20 year exclusive rights to its proprietary enzyme Aquabeautine XL®

Available only through licensed physicians

Restorsea Reviving Cleanser-  Thoroughly cleanses and effectively lifts away impurities without stirpping skin of essential oils.  After two weeks see brighter more even looking skin. 

Restorsea  24Kt Gold Liquid Face Oil-  To win the war against oily skin, you must fight oil with oil. Traditionally, we fight oily skin by stripping it of its essential oils. Unfortunately, this action tricks the skin into thinking it is dehydrated and results in the production of more sebum. When you apply oil formulated specially for the face, the skin believes it is hydrated and sebum production is under control.

Restorsea PRO Intensive Face Treatment 10x- Formulated with proprietary ingredient Aquabeutine XL, an enzyme that digests dead skin cells providing continuous exfoliation without inflammation. You will see smoother, softer, more even looking, tighter skin.

Restorsea PRO Rebalancing Lotion–  Apply over retinols to reduce the appearance of red and flaky skin. Apply over the PRO Intensive Treatment 10x for additional hydration. Can be used by itself as a moisturizer for normal to oily skin.

Restorsea Firming Eye Serum- Weightless gel/serum that firms and tightens delicate skin under the eye. Under eye skin will look visibly firmer and smoother.

Restorsea PRO Intensive Hand Treatment 10x– The most powerful PRO line hand treatment. Contains 10 times the amount of the proprietary ingredient Aquabeautine XL to provide continuous exfoliation without inflammation. Contains antioxidants to protect the skin from harmful effects of free radicals as well as sooth, calm and moisturize skin.

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