Restorsea is an amazing, one of a kind skincare line and we carry it! What makes it so unique is the main ingredient and how it was discovered.

Patty Pao, founder and CEO, was at a salmon hatchery tour in Norway, (why is another story) when she noticed the worker’s hands looked decades younger than their faces. Their hands were in the hatchery water all day! She discovered that the salmon egg contains a special enzyme that helps dissolve a hole in the rubbery egg for the salmon to swim out of when they’re ready.  The hatchery workers’ hands looked so young because their hands were receiving continuous exfoliation without any red, thinning or flaky skin.

Patty patented this ingredient called Aquabeautine XL and it is the star of this line! What makes it so unique is it only dissolves dead skin, leaving healthy skin untouched. This decreases any chance of irritation and inflammation, side effects that can happen with other exfoliants such as alpha hydroxy acids, retinoids, etc.

Why is exfoliation so important? Because it increases cell turnover.  As we age our cell turnover rate decreases dramatically, leaving dead skin cells building up on the surface causing the skin to look and act older.  Skin will appear rougher, dull, dry, perhaps darker from sun damage accumulation. Also, skincare products cannot penetrate properly if there is a dead, dry buildup of skin.

Restorsea is a fabulous alternative for retinols or retinoids or for any skin that is prone to redness and irritation. The entire line also focuses on anti-inflammation and redness. Consistancy is key with correctives such as retinols to continuously increase cell turnover and collagen production. If you’re one of many people who cannot tolerate consistant use of these correctives, Restorsea is the perfect line for you. It’s so luxurious and anti-aging that i would recommend it for any skin type regardless of sensativities.

This professional, medical-grade skincare line is only available through licensed physicians. Go to our products page to learn more!