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Neurotoxins aka: neuromodulators, such as Botox, Dysport and Jeuveau are wonderful, magical treatments to prevent and reduce wrinkles. But it’s important to know that every person who foregoes treatment to reduce wrinkles can have very different results. No neuromodulator is exactly the same just as no person who receives it is the same. And results can differ at each treatment. Let’s discuss some factors that may effect your wrinkle reducer results:

1. The Size and Depth of Your Wrinkles

If you’ve had your wrinkles for years to decades, chances are they are deeper or “thicker scowls”. These will probably require more product to correct than fine lines as they are bulkier muscles. This is one of the reasons we recommend starting neurotox treatment when your wrinkles are just appearing when at rest. Fine lines and wrinkles do not generally require as much product.

2. The Area Being Treated

Results in the forehead and between the eyebrows generally last the longest.

3. Your Facial Expressions

Some people, (looking at myself) show every emotion on their face. Some people, (also me) always have a furrowed brow even when not angry, upset etc. Smiling and laughing a lot will also get those lines setting in quicker although we do recommend that! I distinctly remember seeing crow’s feet starting about 6 months after my son was born, just smiling at him all the time. Totally worth it, but it happens!

4. Your Activity Level

This is a huge factor here in Colorado, the land of over-active outdoor enthusiasts! Neuromodulators tends to wear off faster if you are consistently raising your heart rate for long periods of time. Again, we recommend this along with smiling and laughing a lot so it’s just one of things you deal with.

5. Your Personal Metabolism

Your unique body chemistry will process neurotoxin on it’s own time frame. For most people, the effects last 3-4 months.

6. Frequency of Treatment

Our personal opinion with these treatments are: space them out AT LEAST 3-4 months. We strongly feel that when clients get neurotoxin too soon, or before 3 months, the body builds up antibodies to the product and the results dwindle dramatically. It’s easy to get “addicted” to the smooth, wrinkle-less look, but trust me, getting it too soon will not pay off in the end.

7. The Skill and Accuracy of Your Injector

There’s a reason the best injectors are booked out weeks to months. They know that not every face is the same. They assess the clients unique anatomy and inject accordingly.

If neuromodulators are something you are curious about, schedule a consultation with one of our amazing injectors!

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