Prevention is always easier than treatment!


In a perfect world, everyone would start wearing sunscreen AND hats year-round in their teens and early 20’s.

80% of skin aging is caused by chronic sun exposure, and by your 30’s, 40’s and definitely 50’s, it really shows!

UV rays not only cause redness and brown spots but they break down your skin’s underlying structure, causing sagging, hollowed, wrinkled skin.

Your genetics play a role in your aging as well. This is called intrinsic aging. But your long term UV exposure causes the most dire damage, and as a type of extrinsic aging, (external), this is very much preventable!

Beyond sunscreen, what else can you do?

A good, high quality home care regime is hands down the best thing you can do for your skin, especially at an early age. Those good genetics won’t last forever and Colorado’s harsh environment WILL win if you don’t use active, high quality skincare. Notice I’ve emphasized “good” and “quality” several times: we truly believe you “get what you pay for” when it comes to skincare. We have seen the science and the technology that goes into creating effective and transformative skincare products and it’s not cheap or easy. Plan on a budget for your skincare, you don’t need to use 15 products. 2 or 3 excellent quality products can be perfect if your consistent and you start early. What you do at home daily will make the biggest impact on your skin long-term!


We see many clients daily that want a miracle, “magic wand” treatment. The closest thing we have to that is neurotoxin,(botox), and fillers. Many do not want to go down that route. They are wonderful treatments but require constant maintenance. Plus they generally do not CHANGE the underlying structure of your skin, what makes your skin look healthy, youthful and beautiful. ( There are some such as Sculptra that can but that is for another post).

If you want to keep your skin looking it’s best, start with regular treatments early!

Microdermabrasions, light chemical peels, Laser Genesis, microneedling, etc. These non-invasive treatments exfoliate or create tiny wounds that stimulate the wound-healing process which stimulates new, healthy cells and along with them COLLAGEN!! Excellent for changing the skin over time and definitely preventing signs of aging. These treatments are best every 4-8 weeks.