Favorite Summertime Skin Treatments

The Importance of Skin Treatments

Summertime in Colorado can be brutal! And by now you know that excessive sun exposure and just UV rays in general, are THE number one cause of aging skin. Mix that with the harsh elements that come and go during these months such as wind, rain, hail, and it’s tough to know what skin treatments are going to be beneficial to the skin versus harmful.

With many advanced aesthetic procedures we want to cause a controlled injury to the skin in order for it to form new cells, colllagen and elastin but that requires time out of the sun and elements for it to heal properly. Us Coloradoans are outside so much more in the summertime that it’s very difficult to take the appropriate amount of time out of these elements for our skin to heal properly. Aggressive skin treatments this time of year can actually cause more damage than when we start. SO…. which skin treatments are beneficial for you this time of year?


Best Skin Treatments For You:


1. HydraFacialMD

A combination of light physical exfoliation, light yet customizable chemical exfoliation and lots and lots of hydration, antioxidants and peptides! The perfect treatment for any skin woe or just some much needed R&R. Ours includes LED light treatment as well to sooth inflammation, stimulate collagen and kill bacteria! HydraFacial can be done all year round but is especially great for dry, dehydrated, broken out skin.

hydrafacial skin treatments

2. Dermaplane

This treatment is best known for removing the vellus hair or “peach fuzz” from the skin. It also lightly exfoliated dead skin cells. Together it leaves the skin smooth, soft and glowing without compromising the skin’s barrier, therefore no downtime!

skin treatments

3. AdvaTx

Cutting edge, one of a kind technology, AdvaTx does it ALL!  Specifically designed to treat undesired vascular abnormalities such as rosacea and facial redness from sundamage. Acne and scars. Hyperpigmentation, melasma, and poikioderma. Fine lines, wrinkles, pore size and unwanted texture. The list goes on and on. What makes this treatment so unique is there is little to no discomfort, little to no downtime and only about 24 hours is recommended until you can be in the elements again. Most clients leave the table looking better than when they got on!

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4. Aquagold Fine Touch

This treatment takes good skin and makes it great! With our special cocktail, Aquagold tightens pores, diminishes fine lines, deeply hydrates and leaves the skin luminous and radiant!  Known as a “Red Carpet” treatment, this is an excellent choice before a special event or photos.

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If you have any questions about what skin treatments and products are best for YOU this time of year, call us at 720-420-4090 and book a consultation.

Essential Pre-Wedding Skincare: Tips to Get That Gorgeous Bridal Glow!

So many people dream of that special day. And 100% of the time, that dream includes gorgeous, glowing skin.

Just like a wedding, beautiful skin takes planning and patience. We love working with Dermatologists because together we can address serious issues such as cystic acne, rosacea, melasma and scarring. And if you’re already starting with non-problematic skin we can keep it that way and get it looking even better!

Here are our pre-wedding skincare recommendations for achieving the skin you want on your BIG day!

Pre-Wedding Skincare Recs:

#1: Come in for a professional consultation

This is the first place any bride or groom should start on their journey to gorgeous skin. Ideally this would happen 6-12 months before the wedding date. Skin issues can be stubborn and take time to remedy. The sooner we start, the more relaxed the process will be. We can address all of your skin concerns, set up a scheduled timeline of treatments and start you on a premium skincare regime at home.

If you’re considering injectables for dark circles, wrinkles or to add volume to the face, start sooner than later. A good injector will need time to see what and how much of a product works.

#2: Stay consistent with your skincare regime

A consistent morning and evening skincare regime is what will give you long term results. Many home-care products work better over time, so you must be diligent and consistent! While these products are often medical-grade and very active, they are going on the skin and take time to penetrate and achieve desired results. This is also why it’s important to start this journey early on so we can see what works and what doesn’t in your home-care regime.

#3: Set up a skincare treatment plan and stick to it

Together we will create a timeline of treatments best suited to your needs. Every person is different and has different issues to address. If your concern is acne, you may need to have an exfoliating and extracting treatment done every 2-6 weeks to get it under control.

If Laser Hair Removal is at the top of your priority list, it’s important to start 6 months to 1 year before the big day, depending on the area being treated.

Other skin concerns require monthly or every other month treatments.

A month or 2 before your wedding, we will really “fine tune” your skincare plan, making sure you look your absolute best!  Laser Genesis gives the skin a beautiful rosy glow right before the special event. HydraFacial can plump and hydrate the skin a few days before and AquaGold gives a luxurious “Red Carpet” luminous, finishing touch to skin about a week before the big day.

#4: Don’t neglect your neck, decollete’ and back

Chances are you’ll be wearing something that will highlight one or all of these areas. The skin in these areas can be different from the skin on your face and require different treatment. Talk to your Aesthetician about your vision and your planned attire. We offer many treatments for these often neglected areas. Together we can make you glow from head to toe!

#5: Get your mind and body right!

It’s important to FEEL your best, so let’s talk about stress reduction, healthy diet and water intake. All of these things are important to not only get your skin looking it’s healthiest but to ensure you’re keeping it that way.

Planning a wedding is in the TOP 5 most stressful situations a person can go through, next to moving and death! WOW!

To avoid a complete breakdown, sleep, nutrition and a healthy diet will be a lifesaver and assure your skin is in tip top shape.

Working in western medicine, there truly are no conclusive studies linking nutrition and skin conditions, BUT I think we all know in our hearts and minds that what we put in our bodies shows up on our skin. So through this journey we will discuss what may be effecting certain skin issues and start the process of elimination.

#6: Go with the best makeup artist:

If your looking for an amazing Colorado Makeup artist, I’m linking one here: antlersandrose.com

Brook at Antlers and Rose’ is an amazing makeup artist based out of Vail, Colorado. She is also an amazing stylist, lifestyle blogger, wife, mother and human! Check out her website and all of the services she has to offer. She is simply the best!

pre-wedding skincare

pre-wedding skincare pre-wedding skincare pre-wedding skincare pre-wedding skincare pre-wedding skincare pre-wedding skincare

Beyond Botox….

I think by now we all know there is no miracle in a bottle, and botox has been the closest thing we have seen to astonishing results with minimal side effects.


However, optimum skin health goes beyond botox.  It is similar to the health of our bodies- to be optimally healthy you have to work on several factors- diet, cardio and strength training.  Having youthful healthy skin is much the same. IF you only do botox, you are only addressing one aspect of what takes place as we age. The aging face is multifactorial and thus your anti-aging treatments should be so as well. Bone loss, descent of fat pads, skin texture changes, dermal thinning and photodamage all contribute.  When you work with a dermatologist and their staff, you are offered non-invasive treatment options to address these different aspects of aging.


Technology advancements in the field of cosmeceuticals has brought us amazing topical skin care products.  I recently attended a conference where a scientist was reviewing various ingredients/ peptides and said to conduct the research, develop best formulations and then bring those highly active ingredients to market costs money!  If you are getting a Vitmain C serum on Amazon for under a certain price point- do not expect much change to your skin.  Even when we find highly effective products it is good to change your regimen every so often.  We do not like to use growth-hormone products long term and not every person can tolerate tretinoin.  So partner with someone who can help you achieve your best! Last but not least- healthy inside will reflect healthy outside- clean eating, restful sleep, adequate water intake, physical exercise…..and wear an SPF 30 on your face daily!


I always tell patients our goal is find the treatments that will give the most bang for the buck and find the balance between a treatment that is highly effective while still being safe.  You want to partner with a skincare expert who attends educational events, stays up on current trends, has access to multiple modalities to use and works alongside a Board-Certified Dermatologist or Plastic Surgeon to minimize unwanted side effects.  Look for someone who will be candid, give realistic expectations and instead of trying to sell you something- will give you both short term as well as long –term goals for your skin.


Written by Kerri Zukosky, PA-C