Here in Colorado, we are constantly battling the effects of the sun on the skin. The sun is the reason we live here but it can wreak havoc, causing sun damage in the form of brown spots, fine lines and wrinkles and chronic redness. Not to mention skin cancer but we’ll leave that to the Dermatologists!

What is Heliocare?

Heliocare Ultra is an oral supplement taken once daily that decreases inflammation in the body and fights off free radical damage. While this is a great thing for anyone in any location, it’s especially important in a state like ours where the UV radiation is so concentrated and intense.


Heliocare’s broad spectrum antioxidant blend is a rare and powerful one. It is derived from a fern native to Central and South America call Polypodium leucotomos. Once an aquatic plant, this fern had to adapt to being a land plant, therefore developing incredible resilance to the sun’s harmful rays. Taken internally it provides HUGE antioxidant and antiinflammatory protection. It even helps block DNA damage and mutation caused by UV radiation which can prevent many, many unwanted side effects.


Studies confirm that the long-term use of Fernblock inhibits photoaging and cancer-forming cells, as well as a decrease in UVB-induced skin changes. We recommend Heliocare Ultra as a powerful addition to your topical skin care regime year-round, but especially in the summer months when sunlight exposure is in its prime.

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