Chemical peels can sound scary. “Chemical?”, ” will my face be burned?”, “how long will i peel?”, “what will the peeling be like?”. And of course a reference to Samantha from Sex in the City. Yup, you know that episode.

These are all very good questions and the answers are different for everyone and for every chemical peel.

Why do we love chemical peels? Well…when we’re young our skin cells are constantly turning over and sloughing off naturally, being replaced with new, beautiful skin cells. As we age that process slows down and dead, damaged cells pile up creating the skin we don’t like. Fine lines, wrinkles, sun damage, brown spots, dryness, loss of firmness and acne scarring. Chemical peels are also wonderful, low risk treatments for pesky acne and acne scar prevention!

There are many, many types of chemical peels. Alpha Hydroxy Acids, such as glycolic acid and lactic acid. Beta Hydroxy Acid such as salicylic acid. Fruit enzymes such as bromelain and papaine (from pineapple and papaya). TCA, Phenol, the list goes on.

They can also be categorized into superficial, medium and deep. Referring to the level of skin they reach.

What type of chemical peel we use is determined by many things such as skin type, skin color, skin tolerance, skin issue or concern. ie:, acne, hyperpigmentation, wrinkles, etc., and also how much “down time” or possible peeling you’re willing to undergo.

Chemical peels are so wonderful because they tend to do many things at the same time. They “burn” the top portion of the skin in a controlled manner, which causes a wound. The body senses this burn/wound and kicks starts your natural wound healing. This process produces new, healthy cells and sends them to the top levels of the skin to replace the damaged ones that will slough or “peel” off. Along the way, collagen is stimulated and the skin takes on a plumper, smoother, brighter appearance. In a sense, chemical peels can not only get your skin healthier and younger looking but they can cause your skin to act younger and healthier.

We absolutely love chemical peels and know you will too. Come see us for a consultation to determine which type is right for you!

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