We’re excited to introduce a new treatment: Jett Plasma Medical Lift

This Jett Plasma treatment uses plasma energy, which has been used in other devices in recent years. However, we are very excited because this device is able to use the plasma energy differently, decreasing risks for adverse side effects.

The Benefits:

    • Significant increase in collagen 1 & 3
    • Proven increase in migration of fibroblasts, which increases micro-circulation resulting in improved nourishment and oxygenation of cells
    • Increase cell communication and physiology
    • The phenomenon allows water to penetrate cells and leads to their recovery and regeneration

By using the plasma technology in a non-thermal (no heat) setting, we are able to stimulate a normal biological process, which we then see:

    • Stimulated epidermal growth factors
    • Reduced wrinkles
    • Tightened skin
    • Improvement in skin tone, texture and elasticity
    • Active ingredients are able to be forced into deeper layers of the skin
    • Restores and facilitates microcirculation
    • Improved structure of reticular dermis

All of this helps in producing an environment of youth in the skin!

With the Jett Plastma treatment, we are able to do treatments with no down time, on all skin types, all year round.

The device can also be used for more aggresive Jett Plasma treatments when appropriate. This more aggressive treatment uses the plasma energy in a more focused setting, delivering the plasma energy to the top of the skin, causing a “shrink wrapping” effect. It’s excellent for tightening loose, lax skin on the eyelids, around the mouth, etc. The more aggressive treatment does include some healing down time and clients must be evaluated to make sure they’re a good candidate.

    jett plasma
    jett plasma
    jett plasma

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